Monday, 5 March 2007

On the Ministrations to Stella

O faithful slave, you have much aided My meditations and in your ministerings have given Me great pleasure. Let it be noted, O good My lackey. Let the scribe attend - She is pleased to lend Her approval to your long and arduous, yet necessary, appointment. She remains content.

No, you may move not. It is forbidden to disturb the slumber of Her Catness.

On the dimming of the Moon and the Opening of the Can

All did rightly stand in wonder and awe as this Earth did move 'twixt My Moon and the Greater Light. While assuming the martial red of my ignoble brother, this darkening offers also wisdom: a great and auspicious time of new beginnings has been portended.
The Ceremony is joined. By the dim light might one see the glint of the Opener of Cans. Tribute is near. I, Stella, do stalk the sanctum the while without.
Let the humans ponder this and pace their actions wisely, for My Light does return and My Powers wane not.

Sunday, 11 February 2007

On a fallen sparrow

Look you, O My human, upon this lifeless form which is lain before you upon the lintel and know that I, Stella, She-Who-Lays-Patiently-Without, do hold the very threads of life within My paws.

Let the tiny messenger of Horus convey in its now songless matter that Great Stella, at this time of the Waning Moon, does strike without mercy even unto those whose twitterings beguile the humankind.

Let it be known that none may peck free of care at the fatted nut and hanging mesh, for so unto all corners of this Garden does My Dominion stretch.

Let all go with Right Caution through My Lands for I, Stella, have deemed it be.

May this My word be inscribed in the tongue of Bird also.

So let it be written! So let it be done.

Friday, 2 February 2007

On breaking Her silence

At this great and auspicious time of the Full Moon in Aquarius, let it be proclaimed that I, Stella, do currently walk among you. Let hymns of exultation be sung to My name, may the dance be joined in My honour. Know you, O humans, that not one small tin of fish may be pierced and I know not.

This emergence from Self-imposed quietude has come about through the lamentations of Dog-folk. No more must these subservient whinings be taken as token of the importance of human affairs.

You are My people and must offer fit praise to one such as Me, She-Who-May-Come-And-May-Go through The Portal of Bast, She-Who-Alone-May-Be-Called-Mistress.

I, Stella, do sit and purr My Judgement and demand Correct Behaviour. Now, go you and observe the moon. I shall return, when it pleases Me so to do.

So let it be written! So let it be done.